Bull & Butterfly at Runway Playa Vista combines California’s coastal flavors with a wood-fired steakhouse. Hear more about their much-anticipated opening at Eater Los Angeles (Photo courtesy Wonho Frank Lee, Sept. 24, 2020)

Commercial West Brokerage is proud to announce the opening of Bull & Butterfly at Runway Playa Vista. The highly anticipated new restaurant by Alan Jackson, the founder of Lemonade, is a completely ‘Californian’ steakhouse. With upscale interior and open-view kitchen, Bull & Butterfly reimagines the steakhouse at one of Southern California’s most popular popular mixed-use destinations.

Co-Founders Alan and Heidi Jackson evoke a fresh, light take on the steakhouse experience focused on meats and vegetables cooked with classic ranch techniques. With influences ranging from Paso Robles to Guadalupe, Bull & Butterfly presents a selection of dishes composed of seasonal produce, foraged flavors, and snout-to-tail culinary mindfulness. A neighborhood watering hole as much as a Los Angeles destination, Bull & Butterfly’s thoughtful, modern approach to dining captures the laidback feel of the ranch intertwined with chic California sensibility.
From Bull & Butterfly

Right in the heart of Playa Vista, Runway is the Westside’s favorite lifestyle destination. The buzzworthy lineup of iconic stores and trendy boutiques has today’s most popular shopping and dining.
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Bull & Butterfly
12746 Jefferson Boulevard #2200
Playa Vista, CA 90094